Spring Has Finally Arrived!

peach eyeshados
spring eye makeup look

Every year when spring arrives, I get excited for leaving behind the heavier winter looks and switching to lighter, breezier and fresher look that is perfect for the spring weather. One addition that I usually make is to add in a peach tinted blush, which gives my makeup look a nice, light dimension. This look suits nearly everyone, and really brightens things up after a long winter.

When I use this look, I make sure to tan my face before applying the blush, using a slightly darker foundation. This helps to bring out the peach color beautifully! Here are the steps that I use:

  1.  Apply foundation with a slightly tan hue all over the face
  2. Decide where the best place to apply blush is—I choose the “cheek apples”
  3. Smile often, for a soft and feminine look!

Enjoy! Be beautiful!

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