spring eye makeup look

 Spring eye makeup is all about lighter and brighter look. When the weather warms up it’s so nice to update the colors and textures of our makeup. Springtime is a time of new growth and opportunity, making it the perfect time of year for choosing very delicate, fresh and a little more shimmery makeup to add the right vibe. 

sitting in the spring's sun
spring eye makeup look

Pastel colors (Soft pink, apricot, lavender...) are always a terrific option for your spring eye makeup. These colors give a sun-kissed glow, and a new radiance to your whole face. When you add shimmery eyeshadow, the colors will draw attention to your eyes and to give a fresh look.

Before starting your makeup, it is better to choose the right pastel hues to match with your skin tone. Here are a few guidelines to follow:



Spring eye makeup - step by step


spring eye makeup step one

Lighten your eyes with a concealer- it is spring and you want your eyes to shine! To do this, cover dark under-eye circles using a natural-toned concealer. I am usining Mac pro conceal and correct palette - light (you can choose a different tone palatte to match your skin tone).




coloring the eyebrows

Eye brows are always an important part of any eye makeup. When it comes to a spring eye makeup, the eye brows should look very delicate and natural. So pluck any stray hairs and add a light, beautiful eyebrow color. Use a clear eyebrow gel to set your eyebrows in place.  



applying eyeshadow

Apply an eyeshadow over the eye crease using a fluff brush and your chosen pastel eyeshadow. Start at the end of the eye and let the color gently fade as it reaches your eye crease.



Adding soft liner across eyelids

Add a soft liner across your eyelid. Choose eggplant or graphite grey eyeliner pencil for the best effect (I love Bobbi brown eye pencils). Those colors tend to look softer and more gentle than black. They will perfectly complement the pastel colors you have chosen as a spring eye makeup enhancers.

line a thick eyeliner with an eyeliner pencil. Stay within the lash line boundaries to keep your look as natural as can be.



eye pencil coloring

With your eye pencil, color under your eyes, close to the lids. Stay really close to lash line to keep the look as clean and natural as you can.  




Adding mascara

Finish your look with soft colored mascara. It is usually best to opt for soft brown or even eggplant mascaras. These colors look much more soft and gentle, and will give you a fresh overall look. If you wish this look to be more dramatic, add a second layer of black mascara on top. Don’t worry about this second layer. You just need to avoid making your lashes too thick by going quickly over them without going all the way to the roots.


Enjoy your spring!

For a beautiful spring eye makeup I recomend to use the following products:


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