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Enhancing your natural beauty ...this is the essence of every natural eye makeup look. It is all about being with and feeling without – your results should look effortless, not very dramatic, and you can be sure that these tips will help you design a look that would match almost every outfit.   

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The natural eye makeup style is very easy and fast to do, so you have no excuse to not use it all the time! These natural eye makeup tips will help you master this style and will let you enjoy looking fresh and beautiful.


Follow those simple tips to perfect this style: 


1.      Match your eyeshadow to your skin tone:

One of the most important tip is to match your makeup color to your skin tone. The goal is to make your eyeshadow look as natural as possible, using the following principles as examples:

  • If your skin tone is light you should choose cool tones like lavender, gray, ash or silver.
  • If your skin tone is darker, you may want to opt for warm tones like plums, peach, warm brown, or rose.

The second part of this tip is to choose a specific color to keep the look mild and understated. Go for the softer and not too strong hues like light lavender, light brown etc.…. Softer colors and hues will help mimic the natural light shades in the most complementary and flattering way.


 2.      Add depth to your eyes:

Adding depth to the eyes

This is actually one of the great natural eye makeup tips that a lot of makeup artists use. The tip is to add a touch of color over your eye crease to mimic the natural shade.

Begin with dipping the tip of the fluff brush in a brown or pink eyeshadow, depending on your skin tone. Using the brush, follow the eye crease going from the tip of the eye up along the crease towards the nose. Coloring the crease will highlight the natural depth of the eyes, so your eyes will look wider and softer.


3.      Now it's time for some light:

This makeup tip is all about highlighting. Select a cream colored eye shadow with a matte or satin finish. With a flat brush, color your brow bone and the corner of the eye – this will highlight your eyes and will look wonderful. Start by using a small amount of color, this makes it very easy to control the amount and you can always add more if needed.

 4.      Prefer matte over sparkle:  

Use matte over sparkle eyeshadow

One of the most magical natural eye makeup tips is to keep your eye makeup as matte as possible! When you want to look natural and beautiful for an everyday casual style, use matte products to just add a little glow. I use matte or semi-matte eyeshadow, for instance, and prefer to avoid sparkling ones.

 5.      Use brown instead of black mascara:

Eye makeup isn’t finished until you color your lashes with mascara! Sometimes, though, it feels like black mascara may be too intense for your natural look. Try grey or deep brown mascaras to color your eyelashes. These colors look very similar to black, but they are much lighter and help to brighten your look and keep it looking more natural. What is great about this tip is that the eyes look dramatically more natural with no effort at all.


6.      Natural eye liner:

Natural eye liner

This last tip is one of the handiest natural eye makeup tips - you just need to make the eye liner less intense and use shorter lines.

The first step is to use eyeliner to line your eye carefully, very close to the lash line. Avoid using long flicking strokes. This thin natural liner will suit every eye structure and will make the whole makeup look much more complete!  The second step is to go over your black eyeliner with a lighter color like brown or grey. This will lighten your line and give it softness.

Have fun!


For a beautiful natural eye makeup I am using the following products:


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