My name is Maya and I love makeup! I love everything about makeup!

For me, makeup is the perfect way to complete any outfit. Not only does it make even the best outfits look even better, but it really saves me on the days when I feel tired or look pale. When I go out at night, it is my best accessory, like shiny jewelry!

I want to use this website to share my knowledge and experience with you. Being so interested in makeup for so long has helped me become a great makeup artist and truly understand how to use makeup to make myself or someone else look and feel more beautiful.

I find that too many people have not ever learned about makeup, or how to best use it, and I can help with this! If you have never had the chance to learn about using makeup or makeup tools, then you will be very interested to read what I have learned. There is definitely a lot of information about makeup on the internet, but I am going to try and share it with you in a way that is easy to understand and interesting, too! I can help you learn how to have a natural, clean and glowing look by using makeup.

"Simply Makeup" is the place to come for information about how to apply eye makeup easily and quickly, and have it look beautiful. I will help you keep the mess down, keep your makeup bag properly stocked and organized, and teach you the perfect techniques for basic everyday makeup use. When it comes to special events, I can offer you professional secrets—including clear explanations and pictures, and help you learn about the latest and greatest makeup techniques and tools.

So, join "Simply Makeup" to learn how to be your very own makeup artist and get the best look possible!