Eye colors

"How can I find the best makeup color that will match my unique eye color?" This is a great question, one which I have been asked many times. The good news is, yes, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to help you decide what the best colors are to best complement the color of your eyes.  

One of the principles of how to match colors is based on the color wheel theory (demonstrated on the makeup color wheel). According to this theory, there are colors that will complement each other, and this will help you better highlight and accentuate different eye colors. For example:

  • orange and blue will complement one another

  • red and green will complement one another

  • purple and yellow will complement one another

On the other hand, if you choose to use colors that are close to your eye color, like blue and purple or blue with blue, this will enhance your natural eye color so the overall look will be less intense and more harmonic.

Another principle of color matching is using light vs. dark. This means using either darker or brighter eye makeup products than your eye color, because this will highlight the eye color. Light eyes would be flattered and enhanced by medium to dark colors. Dark eyes would be most flattered and complemented the most by bright and light colors.

For example: light green eyes would look fantastic with grey eye shadow, and dark brown eyes and would look fabulous with a pink eye shadow.

When I have to choose a makeup color and what style to create, I always follow those general guiding principles. They are my main guidelines and they always work to provide beautiful results!

I’ve collected few of my favorite styles that will demonstrate a practical use of those principles of matching makeup to unique eye colors. I hope they will give you a bunch of great ideas of how to choose the right color and to create the perfect style:


Eye makeup for green eyes:

eye colors and makeup collage

There are so many options for you if you are playing with the right colors for your green eyes. You might think, “Oh, if I have green eyes then I must make up with green eye shadow.” Well, if you use green, you definitely can look lovely but if you really want to enhance your eye color you must first look for the colors that will best boost the green color of your eyes. How to do it?  Just follow my guide "amazing eye makeup for green eyes" and find all about which colors to use and, most importantly, how to use them.


Eye makeup for blue eyes:

blue eyes collage

How to makeup blue eyes is always exciting. This amazing eye color is just begging for beautiful enhancement to really pop out and to be seen. According to the color wheel, you will find that orange will definitely complement the blue color of your eyes. You can read all about how to use this color in an amazing new way right here: "Dreamy eye makeup for blue eyes".  Here you will also find another great idea of how to use make-up with the perfect blue shade. Follow these guidelines step by step, and you will get the opportunity to learn how to create a look that combines these colors in a very soft and up to date style.   


Eye makeup for brown eyes:

brown eyes collage

Brown eyes makeup has a lot of options – brown eye color is such a natural shade and many colors will match beautifully to it. But (and there is a "but'), in order to really succeed in boosting your brown eye color you first have to define your unique eye shade of brown. 

There are different shades of brown eye colors – light, dark and hazelnut brown. Each shade of brown will look its best with different makeup colors. In eye makeup for brown eyes you will learn the secrets of how to choose the perfect colors to your special color of brown eyes.

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