Beautiful eye makeup for brown eyes

"You have brown eyes so you can choose any makeup color for them!"  If you have brown eyes, you have probably heard this tip at least a thousand times…. Actually, I don’t completely agree with it.  I think there are lots of different hues of brown eyes so you want to make sure that you find the colors that would especially complement your special hue of brown.  

So, when you are dealing with eye makeup for brown eyes you first have to know the difference between shades of brown. There are 2 different basic hues that brown eyes can be divided into:

  • Bright brown
  • Dark brown

Here are 2 simple styles, one for each different kind of brown. Try these styles to see how they work:


Light brown eye's makeup - go for camel colors!


camel eye makeup for brown eyes

camel eye makeup for brown eyes

Camel colors will warm up your light brown eyes and give them a lively look! This color is a bit darker than bright brown and will complement the eyes softly and naturally. 

This makeup style is done here with soft matte eyeshadow colors from the "Smoky" palette by Urban decay. Here’s how I used the colors to give the eyes more depth by coloring the eye crease:



swipe medium brown eyeshadow

Start with fluff brush, swipe medium brown color eyeshadow (I used urban decay "whiskey") over the 1/3 of your eye crease.



swipe medium brown eyeshadow

With fluff brush, swipe light brown color (I used "Combust" from the palette) over the whole eye crease bringing it all together.



Color your lash lines with liner brush and dark brown eyeliner (I am using Bobby Brown's "Espresso" eyeliner gel).


Addition of a black mascara


Curl the top lashes, and coat them with black mascara. Also apply mascara to your lower eye lashes. 


For the Camel makeup style I used the following makeup products:



Dark brown eyes - Don't miss the rose color!

rose eye makeup for brown eyes

rose eye makeup for brown eyes

When I makeup dark brown eyes, I always make sure to use brighter colors to boost the eyes and to give them some light. I especially like to use rose color which is very rich and warm but still creates a fresh natural look. Just a touch of it over the eyelid or over the eye crease will give you the look of wide open and lightened eyes - fantastic!

I love to use the "Urban decay - Naked 3" palette. This eyeshadow palette has all different natural shades of pink color and really allows me to have some fun.

Try this eye makeup for your brown eyes.  It is very simple and I am sure you will love it!


Applying light eye shadow

With fluff eyeshadow brush, apply the lightest eyeshadow color from the palette (I used "strange") over the eye's corner and over the brow bone.



swipe bronze color shadow

With a fluff brush swipe bronze color eyeshadow (I used Urban decay "Trick") over the eyelid up to the crease.



Color the eye crease

 With fluff brush, swipe rose color over the whole eye crease bringing it all together (I used Urban decay "Nooner").



Dark eyeshadow ocer the outer lid

With pencil eyeshadow brush (Mac pencil brush #219), apply dark purple shadow (I used "Blackheart") that fades as it moves inward toward the nose giving you a wide-eyed look.



color the lashes with black pencil

Color your lash lines with eye pencil (I am using Bobby Brown's long wear eye pencil "Black Plum").



Draw a purple line

With a flat brush and dark purple color eyeshadow (Urban decay "blackheart"), draw a line right over your lower eye rims.



Coat the lashes with mascara

Curl the upper lashes, and coat them with black mascara. Now, coat the lower eye lashes, too. 

Final look of brown eyes makeup

To create the rose color makeup style I used:


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