prom eye makeup 

Oh, yeah! it's time to celebrate! You did it – you finally finished high school!!

Now you have plenty of good reasons to have fun and to look gorgeous while enjoying your big night at the prom.

You will need more than just a beautiful dress and new hairdo for this big event, choosing the perfect prom eye makeup is a major part of your total look for this special night.

The fun actually begins with the preparations. The first thing you have to ask yourself is what is your desired style for this evening? I know there are so many different styles to choose from so let me offer two really awesome and special looks that I love, and I hope that one of them will definitely work for you.

The first prom eye makeup style is the "Glam Rock." This style is all about dramatic, cool and sexy eye makeup!!!  This makeup is based on the classic smokey eye makeup  so there's no doubt that all the attention will be drawn to you!

The second prom eye makeup style is the "Romantic." This look uses soft pastel colored eyeshadows and helps to bring out your amazing eyes in a fresh and gentle way. You will look beautiful and natural yet stunning!

So let's start:


The "Glam Rock" prom eye makeup:


Apply primer on your eyelid - this will ensure your makeup will last all night long.


Defining the upper lashe

Define your upper eyelashes. Use your eyeliner brush and black eye liner gel to draw a beautiful line over your upper eyelashes. If you wish to add some more sexiness to your eyes, extend the line a bit outward.



Color the eyelids

Color your eyelid with a flat brush and bold eyeshadow. You can choose any bold color you like – greys or browns work great, and even more colorful ones like khaki greens, navy blue or dark purples (I love Urban Decay's eyeshadow palette "Smoky") give a dramatic look. The place to put your eyeshadow is between your eyelashes and your eye crease. Start near your eyelashes and let the color gently fade as it gets to your eye crease.



Line the lower lashes

Line your inner lower eyelashes lines with black eye pencil.



Adding a bold eyeshadow

With your flat brush, add your bold eyeshadow over your lower eye lines. 



Coloring the eye corner

With a fluff brush, color your eye corner. With a silver eyeshadow, gently go over the eye corner.



Adding mascara

Apply mascara: For an evening look, you can add more volume to your eyelashes using a thick comb and mascara (Benefit's BADgal mascara is perfec!). 


 I love to complete this prom eye makeup style with a touch of a bronzer and a nude lipstick.

Coming soon:

The romantic prom eye makeup...


For the "glam rock" makeup style I used the following products:


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