Lip Gloss: A Must Have Item for Any Bag!

lip glosses


No bag or pocketbook is complete without lip gloss! It is smart to have several, so that you can keep one handy at all times. I know that I often turn to lip gloss to add some shine to my lips, with or without lipstick. When I am wearing lipstick, it makes the color last much longer. When I wear only lip gloss, sometimes the nice tint gives just enough color to make my face look fresher.

When you make your lips look shiny, it creates a very glamorous effect. Your lips will appear fuller and more sensual—this is a look most women are often trying to achieve.

Here are a few tips for applying lip gloss so that it can look as beautiful as possible:

  1.   Apply the lip gloss to the inner part of the lips, so that it does not go beyond the edges of the lips onto your skin, This gives a messy look!
  2.  Apply the lip gloss on the inner part of the lower lip first, and then put your lips together to even out the gloss and create a balanced look.