How many times have you looked at a very beautiful makeup look but didn’t know if it will complement your round face? That is exactly why I decided to put together some great makeup tips for round faces! These are not very different from other tips, you just need to know what to add or how to make some adjustments that will suit your very special feature.

The first thing to know is how to diagnose your face structure. If you create an imaginary line that leads from the center of your face, like a radius, a round face will have an equal length in all directions. If you want to see some beautiful celebrity examples, look at Kirsten Dunst, Miranda Kerr, and Ginnifer Goodwin, who all have beautiful round faces.

kirsten dunst - credit gettyimages

kirsten dunst - credit gettyimages

miranda kerr - credit gettyimages

miranda kerr - credit gettyimages

ginnifer goodwin - credit gettyimages

ginnifer goodwin - credit gettyimages

Just about any look you want will work when you follow these makeup tips for round faces, from bold eyes to bold lipstick or just nude look—it’s very simple!


1. Gorgeous eyeliner, especially on you!!!

makeup tips round faces

Choosing Clean look of a very accurate eyeliner is very important. Using eye liner will make the eyes look long so the whole face seems shaped and longer. I always prefer to use Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel which I find so easy to work with. To get this look done perfectly, all you need to do is to draw a thin line with the gel eyeliner along the lash line. You can also go up with the line starting from the 1/3 way of the lash line and up. Add a flick at the end that is pointed up for sexy and dramatic look.   


2. Darker makeup - not just for tanned look

Darker makeup areas for round faces

If you ever had a chance to look in my personal makeup bag, you will always find two different foundation shades (Lancome has beautiful veriaty) . One suits perfect to my skin tone and another is a darker shade that helps getting beautiful tanned look and gives a sculpting look to my face at the same time. You should have two as well! For best results, start with the darker tone of makeup, put it on both sides of your face along the hollow of the cheeks. This will create the illusion of a more narrowed look. Finish with your natural shade of foundation over the whole. Start at the center of the face and blend outward to make it look natural. 


3. Sculpting the face with bronzer:

Sculpting the face with bronzer

Another great makeup tip for round faces is to sculpt the face with a bronzer. It will look especially pretty to create a darker shade especially in the hollow of the cheeks. A touch of bronzer will make all the difference and give you a summer glow all year long! Brush lightly along the hollow of the cheeks, diagonally upward with light strokes, until the hair line.


4. Don't forget to line your lips!

Lip liner can look perfect and is Ideal to draw attention to your lips. I know that when I mention the word lip liner you can imagine your aunt’s bold lip liner that never lined up right. But I am not talking about this kind of liner! I recommend going for a very natural look and lining your lips in the most soft and unnoticeable way.  Choose a pencil color similar to the lipstick shade or use the pencil itself as a lipstick. Start lining the lips boundaries and finish by adding color to the lips itself.  If you need, go over your lips with matching lipstick. 


5. High arched eyebrows:

High arched eyebrow look

This is an important makeup tip for round faces. I always recommend making the eyebrows look high so the face will look longer. A beautiful high arched eyebrow shape is the one that will create the illusion of a longer face. The best way to get this shape is to draw the eyebrow up until the middle of the eye and then down so it will look angular and not rounded. Finish this shape with easy and quick highlighting.  You just need to put bright colored eye shadow only on the brow bone. This will enhance the brow height so it will become more pointed and facial appearance looks narrower. It is a very easy makeup tip and worth trying. 


6. Put your blush diagonally up

Put your blush diagolanlly

We all love the soft and romantic look achieved by using blush colors like light rose or peach. The colors brighten the face and give it an instant glow with almost no effort. I always advise to put your blush according to your face structure. For a round face structure, the right place to put blush on is over the cheekbone and leaving the apples of the cheeks clean without any blush. Start at the middle of the cheeks and go up diagonally over the cheekbone. This tip is a real game changer.


7. Stick to matte makeup look

Matt makeup look

Choose matte products, because they will definitely suit you! I find that high shine eyeshadows can make your face look wider. If you want a bit more of a glamorous look, try to add shine only at small areas like adding sparkling powder on the inner corners of the eyelid, or a little sparkle over the lower eyelash line. 


8. The magic makeup tip for a round face is highlighting!

highlights on round face

The finishing touch of every makeup is highlighting! It compliments almost everyone, especially those with a round face structure by giving more depth . So take your time and add some highlight by using brighter colored powder over your upper cheek bones and over the Brow-bone. This will minimize shine and brighten your face at the same time!!!



For round faces makeup I recomend the following products:


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