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Are you wondering what you can do to make your eyebrows appear natural yet still enhanced? Use these beauty tips for eyebrows to make them a beautiful highlight for your face, without appearing overly painted or artificial. These tips will give your brows a natural, clean, and polished look.


1. Groom your eyebrows on a regular basis:

Use twizers

For a clean and neat look for your eyebrows, it is important to attend to them regularly. If you have thick brows that grow quickly, you may need to use the tweezers every couple of days to take care of stray growth. Most people will have to use tweezers to clean up their eyebrows at least once per month. You will notice a big difference after you take care of any stray eyebrow hairs that are growing in, and it will be easier to use makeup for highlighting your natural beauty.


2. Appreciate the power of color matching:

A second important beauty tip is to learn about color matching. Your eyebrow and hair color should be close in shade, for a more natural effect. If you have lighter or darker hair, you can lighten or darken your eyebrows as needed to get a closer shade to your hair color. 


3. Get in the right position to use eyebrow makeup:

Before using eyebrow makeup, take a step back from the mirror. Realize that most people will not see you as close as you might get to the mirror, and you want to use eyebrow makeup that makes your eyebrows look as natural as possible. Move closer as needed to accurately apply the eyebrow makeup, but make sure that you take a final look from a few steps back. When you use this tip, you will learn that it does not take much makeup or combing to get a perfectly natural look. Standing back a few steps can help you avoid overdoing the makeup and having a heavy artificial look for your eyebrows.


4. Learn how to use mascara comb:

There are a few different tools that work well when you need to comb your eyebrows. Keeping them in place is the secret to success. Comb them lightly in an upward direction, which will lift the hairs and give your eyebrows some volume and shape. You can buy a comb that is specifically designed for eyebrows, or you can use an old mascara brush for the same purpose. Once the mascara brush is cleaned and dry, it is just right for handling the hair in your eyebrows.


5. Experiment with eyebrow gel:

Using eyebrow gel

Another great beauty tip for eyebrows is using eyebrow gel. This product is similar to mascara, but it is just a light gel with some tint to it. For those with uneven color or needing to adjust the color of their eyebrows to better match their hair, eyebrow gel is a perfect option. Mac "Pro Brows set"  is a particularly popular type, and it is very easy to use.


6. Use two colors for a very natural look:

Natural eyebrow colors

Take a good look at the natural shape of your eyebrows. You may discover that the inner side is thicker and darker than the outer side. If this is the case for your eyebrows, you should experiment with using different colors to even out the tones. Use the lighter color on the dark, thick side of the eyebrows, and then use the darker color on the lighter parts. This helps to balance the tones and give a beautiful, even, and natural look to your eyebrows.


7. Know the right eybrow length:

Knowing the right eyebrow length is an important beauty tip for eyebrows. When the length of your eyebrows is not properly proportioned, your eyebrows can look unattended to. When the hairs are too long, you will have an unkempt look, but if they are too short, then they will look very unnatural and be difficult to properly shape. When you want to shape your eyebrows naturally, begin with a thin makeup brush or a pencil. Align the front of your brow with the upper bridge of your nose. End the eyebrow at a point that is 45 degrees from the outer corner of your eye. This will define the right lenght of you eyebrows.

Following these tips will give you beautiful and natural looking brows that help to frame your face perfectly for the rest of your makeup, or give you a fresh, natural look without needing too much else!


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