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 The cat eye style of makeup is so hot and trendy! I have been asked to do it over and over again and it made me develop these many cat eye makeup tips in order to succeed. 

The look is based on a beautiful winged liner that extends upwards, creating an unforgettable look. I know that creating this look may seem very difficult, and sometime you don’t want to even try. But, if you try to use these 8 simple cat eye makeup tips, you will discover just how easy it can be to create this exciting and exotic look. Don’t worry about getting the winged liner even and straight in both eyes, these tips will help you learn the right techniques and give you the confidence you need.

It is recommended to read my cat eye makeup tutorial first...


1.           Use the Right Brush:

The biggest secret that helps makeup artists is using the right tools for the job. No amount of talent can compensate for having the right tools for the task, so make sure you have a brush that can make a super thin and diagonal line. I recommend using Mac’s brush #263, which is so thin that even when you have slight imperfections in your winged line, they are barely noticeable.


2.           The Sticky Tape Secret:

Using sticky tape is another one of my great cat eye makeup tips. Take a piece of sticky tape (medical tape works well because it is flexible and not as sticky), and attach it diagonally under the place where you want to draw the line. The tape works like a ruler, making it extremely easy to draw the line.


3.           Know Where to Draw the Line:

Drawind a tirangel liner

One of the most important tips is that you must start drawing the line from the lower outer eye corner. This helps you more easily control the height of the liner, as well as the specific direction. Drawing the line in the right direction is not difficult, all you have to do is lead the brush in a straight line from the lower lashes and aim upward.

The right height will be almost natural and automatic. After you begin drawing the line from the right place, you will see just how easy it is to draw the perfect winged line. When you start out at the bottom, you can control the symmetry better, making both eyes identical.


4.           Try to Use Eye Shadow as Your Pencil:

Eyeshadow products as a pancil

Don’t worry if this sounds like a messy way to do it! First, give it a try, you will probably love what you see! Few people are familiar with cat eye makeup tips such as this one. You can actually use an eyeshadow to draw a line that is very easy to remove. The eyeshadow line can be used as a mold that can be easily corrected. Begin by using a diagonal brush.

Dip the brush in eyeshadow that matches the color of your liner. Start drawing a straight line at the height and width that you desire. If it does not turn out straight, you can fix it without a problem. After you create the eyeshadow line, repeat again by drawing a line with a gel liner. I recomend using Bobby Brown eyeliner gel . Don’t worry about the line under the eyeshadow popping out and showing contrast. If you use the same color, this won’t be a problem and the lines will blend nicely.


       5. White pencil highlighting:

White pencil higlight

This special technique can help give you a bright, glowy effect. This is one of the cat eye makeup tips that was often used in the 60s, so you get an interesting retro look when you do this. Draw a line using a white pencil, then smudge the line a little bit, which makes it less noticeable but nice and bright.


6.           Try Using a Triangle Latex Sponge:

Use a latex sponge

It is very easy to create a perfectly straight line using a triangular makeup sponge. It is also an easy way to fix a line that is not quite straight. Just run the sponge along the bottom of the line and sharpen the edges by removing unwanted smudging. You can use some

makeup remover on the latex sponge for even greater accuracy.


7.           Do Not Forget the Interior Angle:

Filling the interior angle

Many people think that the perfect cat eye look is finished after drawing the winged line, but part of the cat eye makeup styles includes adding a bold interior angle. Pick your favorite product, either liner, colored pencil, or eyeshadow, and color the interior eye corner in a triangle shape. Keep it thin for a more natural look.


8.           Complete the Look with Lots of Mascara:

complete the look with mascara

The final tip is to give your eyes a hot and sexy touch by using plenty of mascara. This will refine the cat eye  look and integrate all of the parts together for an exotic and dramatic look. 



Have fun trying these cat eye makeup tips and creating your own style!


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