Winning tips for using Gel eyeliner

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

It's time to get to know to one of my top 5 must have products – gel eyeliner!

Out of all formulas the gel eyeliner is one is my favorites! Due to its soft creamy formula, with eyeliner gel I can play until I reach my favorite line. It glides on smoothly and then quickly dries down to a long wearing. So it's fantastic for beginners and also for anyone who want to set her liner fast to deliver intense color. 

So here are some wonderful tips for working with gel eyeliner. These tips will help you to maximize your results:

1.      To start I would recommend to choose the best gel eyeliner- I love mac and Bobbi brown. The formulas have beautiful combination of an intensive color with real creamy and soft formula.

2.     This tip is all about keeping your formula from drying. The gel eyeliner is creamy and we have to keep it from drying. The trick is to turn over your jar while working- so no air will dry out the formula.

3.     Using the right tool will maximize your result! you need to buy special liner brush that will help line your gel. To get the outmost of your gel eyeliner I would recommend to use good brush that would keep the line accurate. I just love mac brush  #211 for thick liner and mac cosmetics brush #263 for thin liner.

4.     This tip is so simple but it’s a really a game changer!  Start lining your liner and then if you want to add some more, just clean your brush and dip again in your gel eyeliner. This will keep your liner always creamy and not too dry.

cleaning the eyeliner brush

5.     Start with a small amount of gel and add more if needed. the gel is very intense and in order to control your line from being too thick It is always recommended to begin with just a little.

6.     Clean your brush when finish lining! The product is drying and you have to remove it with brush cleanser. This will assure you will be able to work with the brush next time. 


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