Simple Everyday makeup tutorial for a natural look

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Flawless skin and fresh look lovers are familiar with the struggle to find the right makeup. keeping your everyday makeup bare and natural can be tricky, however there are some tips that will help you succeed wining this task:

1.      For simple everyday makeup use makeup sponge- wash the sponge and squeeze out access water.

The moister sponge will dilute the foundation formula and will help you in blending the foundation easily for natural look.

2.      Use Mac's "Waterwight" foundation- with this product You will look makeup- free. It looks amazing and has a transparent coverage and beautiful colors to choose from.  

3.      Skip massive contouring for your simple everyday makeup- Put down the powder, friends, and embrace the creamy formula. Clinique chubby stick sculpting contour for example will disperses into the skin for a natural-looking bronze.

4.      Nothing makes you look healthier than a nice rosy flash! To keep your blush natural go ahead and pinch your cheeks – your blush color should be approximately the same shade… meaning as close to your natural blush.

5.      Natural color lipstick – pick lipstick color that isn’t too dramatic neither too shiny. See-through color lipstick like "Clinique chubby stick" or "Fresh sugar lip treatments" will moisturize the lips while leaving a tint color. 

6.      For everyday eye makeup Keep your eyes natural- prefer natural and mat colors like browns and greys. Try Bobbi Brown "long wear cream shadow stick". Smudge this shadow over your eyelid for a natural look.   

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