6 Principles of Strobing for Soft Summer Glow

Strobing effect

Strobing effect

Want to succeed in making the perfect soft summer makeup? Here's how to apply makeup to your face so it will have the perfect luminous effect.  
I absolutely love this latest makeup trend that will give you beautiful, glowing highlights, called “strobing". Getting the perfect shine is a great feeling, but figuring out how to start can be overwhelming. Keep the process simple by zeroing on these 6 principles of strobing, which can be applied especially this summer. These tips will help you simplify this beautiful look!

1.    Prepare your skin with strobe cream. You can use it all over your face or just over the facial bones. I used Lancôme strobe cream called "la base pro hydra glow". This is a fantastic illuminating makeup primer with a nice soft formula.    

2.    Work with natural, very light foundation. Start at the center of your face and gently blend it outward to make it look natural. I love mac waterweight foundation (used here NC15) for its light formula and extra sun protection. 

3.    Skip using powder. Your skin should look fresh and have a soft glow. If you have especially oily skin, just use a little on the t-zone for balance.

4.    Skip contouring. Especially in the summer, you want to avoid having a heavily contoured brown color. Soft summer makeup should be very light, so just use a little shimmer to make your facial bones pop out. Put your luminous highlighter (I used "Tarte skin twinkle lighting " along the brow bone) in the corner of the eyes, along the bridge of the nose, and especially along the cheekbones. 

5.    Finish with just a touch of blush under your cheek bones.

6.    Last but not least, this simple tip is important! Don’t forget to drink a lot! It is important that you are well hydrated if you want your skin to have its own glow. Healthy hydrated skin would be the perfect canvas for your makeup!

Have fun!