how to apply concealer correctly

how to apply concealer
where to apply concealer

Concealer is an important makeup product that I keep in my makeup bag, and how to apply concealer is an important routine that I would like to share.

Concealer is a more concentrated type of make-up, it comes in different textures and serves more than one purpose. it is intended to provide a covering layer to the areas that are not properly covered with makeup - If you have under eyes circles, blemishes or pimples, concealer can help to reduce their visibility. It also can provide brightning effect to your skin, especially in the region below the eyes. 

follow these two easy steps to get the best results:

1.      With the tip of makeup brush (or a concealer brush if you have it), apply the concealer in a V-shape below the eyes along the dark areas you wish to cover 

applying concealer

2.      Slightly blur the concealer boundaries to merge well with the makeup that is underneath. If necessary, you can add a little bit of a makeup over those boundaries, to make the concealer unnoticeable

Enjoy looking more polished with these great concealer tips!