Can Lipstick last longer?

lpistick last longer

My absolute favorite way to add some color to my makeup is by putting on the perfect lipstick. Even on days when I wear little or no makeup, I would never skip the lipstick! Lipstick gives an instant boost to your face, making you look fresher and more beautiful. But, one of the problems with lipstick is that it often does not last as long as you might like.

If you apply your lipstick using these steps, you will find that the color continues to shine all day long:

  1.  Apply the first layer of lipstick to clean lips.
  2.  Use a tissue to absorb any oily remains or moisture on the lips.
  3.  Apply a small amount of powder to the lips using a sponge and a light touch. Be careful to not smudge the lipstick!
  4.  Apply another coat of lipstick over the powder.


cleaning lipstick residues
Applying lipstick
Applying lipstick

When you follow these steps, you will find that your lipstick lasts much longer than ever before, and that you can enjoy the beautiful look all day long! You will wonder why you didn’t learn this trick sooner…