How to Use a Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes

I only learned about how to use a foundation brush in the last few years, and it took me some time to be convinced that it was something I needed in my makeup bag. With so many different kinds of brushes on the market, I felt that I had to experiment to find just the right one, the one that was going to work best for me!

 I prefer the ones that are not too thick and easy to manage (eg. Bobbi Brown foundation brush). This allows me complete control when I am applying the foundation, and keeps the application even and natural looking. It’s even easy to get to the “hard to reach” spots, like the crease on the side of your nose or the corners of your eyes.

It’s important to keep your foundation brush very clean, if you want it to really work well. It rinses out very easily!

Most girls are still using their fingers to apply foundation, which can work well, but, give the brush a try and you will definitely notice a difference! It’s quicker and the results are so natural looking and even that you will be surprised and love it!