A quick make-up secret

fast makeup secrets

As you know, I really love and enjoy taking care of myself and putting on makeup. One of the problems that I sometimes have is that I don’t always have enough time to apply the makeup as carefully as I would like. Mornings are busy times and I am often in a rush to begin my day. One thing that I find is that I can turn my moisturizer into a “foundation moisturizer” very easily by mixing the two together and applying them at the same time. This cuts down on the amount of time that it takes me to get my face ready to go out into the world, still looking beautiful and well put-together.

Here are the steps that I use when I am in a hurry:

1.       Put a dab of foundation on the back of your hand

2.       Apply the same amount of cream or moisturizer and mix together well

3.       Apply the mixture to your face using your fingers or your synthetic brush and spread evenly

benefit facial cream
applying benefit facial cream
applying benefit facial cream

Not only does this feel very nice, it is easy to apply, it gives your skin a healthy, shiny glow and makes your face ready for the rest of your makeup. Your skin will feel very smooth and you won’t be skipping any important steps, like using your great cream!

Isn't that simple?