Smudge Proof Eye pencil Tips…

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil Black Plum 0.04 oz

Because I have small children, it is not unusual for me to miss my beauty sleep. After a few nights without consecutive sleep, I usually end up with some dark circles brewing under my eyes. When this happens, the last thing I need is my eyeliner smearing and emphasizing the dark circles.

Here are some tips for applying eyeliner so that you can avoid emphasizing dark circles or creating smudges.    


  1. Buy quality eye pencils (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil) The cheaper varieties are much more likely to smudge. This is a makeup product that can be well worth a little splurge.
  2. Match your eye shadow to your eye pencil color.
  3. Draw a thin line with your eye pencil along the lash line.
  4. As you apply eye shadow, lightly go over the pencil line that you have drawn.

When you use these tips, the pencil line will last longer and not smudge easily.

Be beautiful!