Makeup Mistakes: How to Correct Mascara smudges!

smudge proof mascara

Have you ever had to leave the house in a hurry and quickly tried to apply your makeup? This is often a recipe for disaster, at least for me! But, fortunately, I have learned how to quickly correct the most common mistakes so that I don’t have to start the entire process over and lose more time.

Personally, mascara is usually the biggest offender for me when it comes to mistakes. Because I have light, colorless eyelashes, I never like to go without mascara. But, every time I hurry, of course, I end up with a smudge! So frustrating!

I have learned how to handle the smudges quickly and effectively, so that I can keep the mascara looking fresh and properly applied—without smudges. Next time you get a smudge on your eyelid or under your eye, the most important thing you can do is let it dry. Resist the urge to wipe it away with your finger while it is still wet—this can often lead to makeup disasters that take much longer to fix because you will smear it all over and end up having to fix your entire eye makeup. Instead, once it is dry, use a cotton Q-tip to gently rub the smudge clean. It only takes a second, and the smudge will be gone—as if it never happened!

Good luck!